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Who We are

TRANS EMIRATES CARGO Freight Forwarding is one of the most important service providers for road, air and sea freight movements in the UAE. We have the required expertise in delivering providing and implementing integrated logistics solutions to supply chain needs. Our success every day is achieved by striving to exceed customer’s expectation. Being the 5th year in operation, one can recall that facing stiff competition and maintaining a reputation to reckon with over the period was an uphill task. With a handful of employees when we began in 2013 to a workforce of more than 50 speaks the one critical factor behind our success.
Over the period, various products have been added to our operation vision out to enhance coverage in the Middle East and the Gulf region.
With goals set high and a vision to achieve and outclass competition, TRANS EMIRATES CARGO Freight Forwarding is confident of constantly innovating and improving from past experience.
We at Trans Emirates Cargo, we provide customized Air freight / Sea Freight/ Land freight services for most types of cargo commonly moved around the world today. Whatever the size or complexity of the project, we work closely with clients to provide a tailor-made service to move their project safely and on time.


Our Mission

  • THINK with clarity and courage.
  • ACT decisively and on time.
  • ACHIEVE goals with confidence and assertiveness.


Our Vision

To be our customers #1 choice by providing complete logistics solutions with reliable and timely services.

Core Values

  • Trust & Openness
  • Quality & Excellence
  • Respect & Customer Orientation

What is a Freight Forwarder?

Freight forwarding is a service used by individuals and companies that deal in international or multi-national import and export. While the freight forwarder doesn’t actually move the freight itself, it acts as an intermediary between the client and various transportation services. Sending products from one international destination to another can involve a multitude of carriers, requirements, and legalities. A freight forwarding service handles the considerable logistics of this task for the client, relieving what would otherwise be a formidable burden. Freight forwarding services guarantee that products will get to the proper destination by an agreed upon date, and in good condition. The freight forwarding service utilizes established relationships with carriers of all kinds, from air freighters and trucking companies to rail freighters and ocean liners. Freight forwarding services negotiate the best possible price to move the product along the most economical route by working out various bids and choosing the one that best balances speed, cost, and reliability. A freight forwarding service generally provides one or more estimates to the client along with advisement, when necessary. Considerations that affect price will range from origin and destination to special requirements, such as refrigeration or, for example, transport of potentially hazardous materials. Assuming the client accepts the forwarder’s bid, the freight is readied for shipping.The freight forwarding service then undertakes the responsibility of arranging the transport from point of origin to destination. One of the many advantages of using freight forwarding is that it handles ancillary services that are a part of the international shipping business. Insurance and customs documentation and clearance are some examples. As a consolidator, a freight forwarding service might also provide Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) documentation or bills of lading. Warehousing, risk assessment and management, and methods of international payment are also commonly provided to the client by the freight forwarding service. A good freight forwarding service can save the client untold time and potential headaches while providing reliable transportation of products at competitive rates. A freight forwarding service is an asset to almost any company dealing in international transportation of goods and is especially helpful when in-house resources are not versed in international shipping procedures. To meet your freight deadlines, you need an Air freight / Sea Freight/ Land freight service provider with high-performance standards and the flexibility to meet your changing needs.