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International Transport

Residential Relocation

International relocation is not just an ordinary moving, it has more of a stress, time and money involved. We at Trans Emirates Cargo, understand the difficulty and complexities of moving. Our aim is to make relocations simpler, easier, and hassle-free to our clients. Through our specialized services, we strive to deliver value-added and unmatched services in international moving in terms of quality and price.

When moving between countries, there are many questions that may arise and issues to take into consideration. You need a moving company that understands the factors and dynamics involved in successfully executing an international relocation.

Business Relocation

If you are looking for a friendly, reputable, reliable and cost-effective international moving company, give us a call or send us a survey request to arrange you your free no obligation survey.

Trans Emirates cargo has the experience, knowledge, and dedicated professionals to make sure that all your queries and concerns are addressed and taken care of to ensure there are no surprises or “hidden” costs.  We aim to not only take care of all your concerns but reduce as much stress as possible.

We simplifies the pain of relocating in a new place with professional relocation services out/in the UAE. Whether you are an individual, business concern or large firm in process of shifting your business, employees or assets ,we always have best relocation solutions for catering your needs in a perfect way.

Special Relocation

Our packing team uses the highest quality materials and standards to ensure that all items are protected for safe transportation. Items deemed as fragile will be crated for maximum protection.

When seeking international moving companies it is important to choose a moving company that fully understands and caters to your specific needs. As an International mover, we must ensure the right level of planning is undertaken given the additional factors involved when moving internationally such as shipping, export packing, documentation, customs and adherence to local laws and regulations.