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Logistics & Supply Chain

As a global solutions provider Trans Emirates Cargo provides fulfillment and logistics services throughout our network including collecting, packing, labeling and processing shipments to residential or commercial customers.

By understanding your issues and anticipating your business and logistics needs, Our experts provide robust solutions that will drive value for your business.

We have a special division that caters to industrial packing and lashing.  Along with industrial packaging solutions for general cargo, we specialize in crating fragile items (glass, mechanical items), sensitive cargo (laboratory equipment, calibration equipments) and heavy cargo (generators, turbines etc.).

Our team can create a customized solution for various requirements such as:

  • Packing & Loading/Unloading Services
  • Quick Delivery
  • On site crating and packing
  • Custom corrogated packing
  • Factory dismantling and crating
  • Project cargo movement
  • Cardboard pallets and crates

We have many years of experience in the handling and carriage of dangerous goods and employs qualified specialists to provide professional advice and to ensure that shipments are handled and shipped in strict accordance by using any transport modes .

Retailers and consumer brands are streamlining their supply chains for better performance, lower costs, greater flexibility, and sustainability.

We re-engineers retail supply chains to help customers manage complexity and risk, improve visibility, tap into growing consumer markets and adjust to the mobile and digital technology that is changing the shopping experience and blurring lines between in-store and online retail.

The world’s top consumer brands move large quantities of merchandise through distribution channels quickly. To keep pace, they need logistics partners like us, which helps consumer goods companies manage high stock turnover, increase visibility, improve cash flow, lower transportation costs and use powerful IT tools to spot problems and collect the data they need to boost supply chain efficiency.

Industrial companies that supply raw materials or make parts and finished products require special supply chain expertise and providers with global networks. We works with producers of industrial automation, energy and power equipment, medical products, construction machinery parts and other high-value manufactured goods to secure raw materials and parts – and to move goods to market.